Social Responsibility

Community Development FBI views the importance to align with appropriate institutions or associations to create a better environment to live and work. Our publications work together with associations like SIAA and IIAC, creating a bond and network of the industries. Through our publicity of the relavent educating seminars and enrichments programmes, we did our part to alert the industry. Companies through the connections are always given a special rate for paticipating our publications. We also do our role to facilitate various local universities to provide job opportunities for the fresh graduates to explore their choice before stepping out into the working industry.

Philanthropy FBI believes in returning helps to others while we can. We assist under-served or impoverished communities through monetary contributions, operational, marketing supports that provide aids to local charitable, educational and health-related organizations. We response to the requests from diversified charity organizations and independent social welfare centers for supports in their fund raising activities.

“Thinking out of the box for a better future, a better world.” Vanny Lim, Senior Media Executive,
FBI Publications (M) Sdn Bhd

“Seeing them smile make my heart warm.” Rahmazudi, Assistant Editor,
Fireworks Business Information (Indonesia)

“A little help goes a long way.” Piroontong Kotchawa, Senior Media Executive , FBI Publications (Thailand),
Fireworks Business Information (Thailand)

Social Education and Awareness FBI aims to mould the future through our youths and the sharing of knowledge. Our coverages of articles, product and industry information released in our pubications educate students and public with the lastest updated of the industry. Students are able to get in touch with the related industries and have broader scopes of understanding and explorations. We also advertise educating seminars and enrichments programmes to alert the industry for paticipation.